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a status report, of sorts

After chaobell linked to the Cool Bits Generator I naturally had to play with it for a couple of minutes, and after only a few clicks it gave me this:

This narrative features good dialogue. It starts in the palaces of Heaven with a quietly competent man. The antagonist is a tough-as-nails yet likable woman and the plot involves elements like gods and esoteric mysteries.

To which I said, uh... I think I'm actually already writing that story? Maybe.

We're on our way back. Watch this space.
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1. As you have probably noticed, not a lot of anything has gotten done on this story in over a year now. I wouldn't call it anything as formal as a hiatus, just a lot of life upheaval and hardships and we're only just settling in again from a long time of pretty major unrest, and we've been working on other things, and so on. What I do want to say, though, especially to a lot of you who have been with us for a long, long time as we've been writing First Corinthians, is that it is NOT GOING TO BE FORGOTTEN. Period. This story has been a huge part of both ladysisyphus's and my lives for just about as long as we've known each other (and that is a long time, for those of you keeping score), and I don't think we'd really know how to quit it, as the saying goes. No roadblock will ever be any more than temporary, and that's a promise. It may take a lot of work in the end to stitch together the lumpiness of something that's been written over such a long and uneven period of time, but that's a concern for the editorial process.

2. Speaking of the editorial process! It's... not happening yet! Or any time soon! But something that may be useful to it IS! Partly as an editorial tool (and partly as a Christmas gift for possibly our biggest fan, ladysisyphus's stepfather, but shh), I've declared it time for us to do something extremely silly: The Audio Rough Draft. I got a cheapo voice microphone and we're basically going to do an audiobook reading of what we have so far, in its most recent editorial stage. I'll be reading my own chapters, and ladysisyphus will be reading hers, as one might expect, which will also probably be nice for a sense of how our individual voices have affected things. The point is, YOU DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS, but uhhh, if you want to, or if you haven't actually read the thing yet and listening to it on tape would be easier for you, I'll be putting up the mp3 files here as we get through them -- also locked to members of the community. Neither of us is a remotely professional reader, of course, but we are giant drama queens, so maybe that counts for something.

3. I am extremely mad at and frustrated with this story right now for the fact that it was really obviously conceived in most of its components when I was thirteen. This is really neither its fault nor yours, and I'm trying to work through it to the point where I can come to terms with it again and be able to look at it without wanting to barf. I'm hoping the audio rough draft project may help with that, too. But these are all relatively personal problems, so never mind.


...that's it for now! Stay tuned! or, uh, don't, I wouldn't be mad
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this is so stupidly fun

ladysisyphus and I work on chapter 14, I end up making more ridiculously not-to-scale blueprints! Gabriel and Raphael's apartment, this time.

...yes, that is a pretty freaking swank one-bedroom apartment, LOOK, THEY ARE LIKE ON THE WATER SOMEPLACE EDGEWATER-ISH, OKAY? YOU WERE EXPECTING MAYBE A CARDBOARD BOX?? Besides which... uh, they're angels, what do they care. Haven't you ever heard of the prosperity gospel?
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More fantasy casting!

What's that, you say? Where's the new chapter? ...Shut up! I have to graduate! This summer, though? Much will be done, lest my stepfather explode from anticipation.

However, as we keep thinking about this stuff even when there's no writing going on, there have been some fantasy casting revelations:

Mephistopheles: Seth Green. No, wait, hear us out. It's a mislead of the highest order. We thought, gosh, wouldn't it be great to get Seth Green? Problem being, of course, that no one can take him seriously. ...And then we realised that, no, that's the best part about it. Shave him real close and dye everything but his roots black, and there you go.

Raphael: James Callis, better known to us and others as Dr. Gaius Baltar. Work more New Jersey into his accent, and he's got promise. I mean, come on, doesn't he just have that semi-evil pediatrician look?

Gabriel: Jared Padalecki. Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I've been spending a lot of time with Supernatural, but ... we're really both agape at how much he looks like what we've been picturing Gabi as. I mentioned it last night, and we blinked a lot. I mean, look at this pretty boy. Give him an ash-blond dye job and a pair of wings, and he's good to go. Also, he's eight feet tall, which is a natural advantage.

When it comes to I Corinthians, I have...

...read all the chapters so far.
...read all the chapters and extra stuff.
...read most of the chapters.
...read some of the chapters.
...read just a few of the chapters.
...read nothing yet, but will start any day now.
...read nothing, I'm just here for the free coffee.
...no idea what you're talking about.
...written most of the damn thing.
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maps and crap and crap and maps

So a long time ago I made some blueprint-y, not remotely to scale things for important buildings in the story, but the links have long since gone defunct, and I have realized that those might be nice things to have again. Especially since I've made a few changes for, uh... non-stupid-ness's sake.

Josephine's gallery, the Masquerade:
First floor
Second floor
Third floor
Basement - slave quarters

Buildings in Santa Fe totally get up to that sort of nonsense, I feel I should point out, they're all funny-looking angles pointing out every which way. I had actually been worried before that it would look weirdly square next to its neighbors with the original design. One should also imagine that all the ceilings are very low, to keep a three-story monster in the land of one-story buildings from towering too conspicuously. Also I think I may have decided that the entrance side (down, that is, in the images) may face away from the street. Maybe. ...I guess it doesn't matter that much.

Stephanie's building, Proteus:
First floor
Second floor

Mapping the rest would be ridiculous, for the obvious reasons; these are the least subject to change, and even they're a little fluid. I realize there've been some disagreeing descriptions, which may need to be corrected... or may not, for the obvious reasons. YAY FOR CREATING LANDSCAPES THAT DON'T HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT! :D :D :D X|

For once it's not my fault there are no new chapters. I just thought I'd point that out.

[EDIT: Oh yeah, and the ones I did of Dan and Jenny's apartment and Dan and Jake's apartment. Which have not been changed much at all really, but just to have them up again.]
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the membership follies, continued

Okay, I think I've fixed it. More accurately, I think the problem was that I'm a moron and I've fixed it. /Now/, if you want in, go here and click the 'to join this community, click here' link. This time, it will work. It will inform me that you want to join. I will let you. All will be well.

Trust me.
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back in the saddle!

All right, it took us a while, but finally book 2 is underway. Chapters will continue to be locked, and as I have not figured out yet quite what the hell is going on with community management, allow me to propose the following system: if you are watching, not a member of the community yet, and want to read chapters, please comment to this entry to let me know you want in. I will then at least attempt to add you to the community myself, and we'll see where that leads us.

holy mother of fuck.

At 167,897 words, book 1 is complete.

Excuse me for a moment while I just say that again.

167,897 words.

...okay, I'm back. As I was saying, book 1's done. I've suggested we write the whole thing before doing a complete edit (because that way we'll know what we need to change, blah blah), so we'll be launching right into book 2 after a hiatus lasting for the rest of this summer, because it is becoming apparent that AAAAAAAAAH I NEED A BREAK AAAAAAAAAH. So, yeah, book 2, coming this fall, but before then, me skiving off to work on shameful, shameful fanfic and, you know, my actual job, and iskariotes probably sneaking around writing behind my back, the dirty slut.

So basically, what I'm saying is, PET US, BITCHES, and also: now you see me, now you
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